Workshop History

Inspiring Workshops & Creative Play

01/01/2017 West Australian Men’s Gathering (INC)

Point Walter Recreation Camp&

Camp Simon’s

Araluen. WA


Primal Dance workshops. Tribal ceremonial dance performances.
16/5/2012 True Retreats Bali Retreat

Bagus Jati Resort



3 Hour Primal Dance workshop. 2x1.5 Hour Creative nurturing dance workshops. Magical Storytelling performance to children.


14/8/2007 Mandance

El Paso Dance studio.

Annandale. NSW

2 Hour workshop. Primal Dance for men, dealing with issues particular to men.
01/04/2007 Qigong Yoga Fusion



2 Hour Sensual Dance Workshop
01/01/2007 ImagineAction – The Land of Boys

International Centre for Excellence.

Tuition for learning difficulties.



Boys only program workshops.7-10 year olds. Using various creative tools for boys to raise their self esteem and learn life lessons .Mask, Collage, Voice, Dance, Painting, etc


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