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Freedom within my heart and great strength in body, mind and soul. Thank you for the beautiful time you shared…full of movement, passion, love of life. Many thanks. Namaste.


Thank you for a great workshop – I feel loved, nurtured, peaceful and soft. Great choice of music and activities..the length of time for each was perfect – not too long not too short – just right!

I loved the sensation of the room spray, the softness of the sand, the comfort, and fun of the green fabric, the softness of the cottonwool, the blindfold and sumptuous food..all sensory delights! Looved it!


Thank you so much form the depths of my heart. You’ve helped me to find myself again.

I feel in touch with my body ad spirit connection-I’ve learnt to love myself and who I am and to let go and express myself from the heart.

This really has been a life changing experience for me.

You are inspiring to watch and touching to be around.

Thank you.


The music was great. The space is good and feels calm. Especially like the sand and the blindfolded textures part.
The dancing helped me get out of my head.
Now I am relaxed and calm and feel like I wish I always felt like.
A larger 5 hour session would be very special.

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