Imagineaction specialises in multiple forms of creativity

We run a series of workshops & courses that utilise body centred and visual creative expression

Art Therapy

These programs provide clients with multiple tools to explore, discover and express patterns, shadows, gifts and wisdom within themselves.

In creative movement we accept our body exactly as it is and feel the freedom from expressing through it. This is particularly important for clients with body image issues. Dance enables clients to move from their head into their body and heart.
During dance clients become aware of where their emotions are carried in their body.

Bodymapping can extend this process. Clients have their body outline drawn. They then find and use symbols as metaphors for their emotions. They draw/paint/collage them into the relevant body locations.
This assists clients to externalise rather than be overwhelmed by their emotions.

Mask making helps to identify the "masks we wear".
This is a highly effective tool for exploring the roles we play in our lives.
This reveals the unconscious patterns we enact.

Creative Adult Dance

Adult's creativity

This area covers more mature concepts such as anger release, depression, anxiety. As well as exploring identity, remembering and nourishing the inner child.

For adults there are different needs - having an inner journey of self exploration and discovery of truth inside to help them live in the world, as well as light, playful, silly, making mistakes and being messy. Both are equally important and these programs offer both.

Creative movement for stress release and healthy anger expression as well as peace.

Creative writing, inc stories and poetry to express their subconscious and illustrate their feelings in ways they never have before.

Bodymapping to accept and celebrate their body in the different states different ages find them in. Find out what wisdom comes from this exploration.

These programs also present a wonderful opportunity to feel reinvigorated and connected with others. Especially important in a world where everybody is so busy and disconnected.

Quite often, any form of creative self-expression- clay, painting, drawing, collage, etc is a wonderful opportunity to relax and gift to themselves play.

Children's creativity

Workshops and courses designed to inspire children to "dream big", expand their imagination and enhance their creativity.

A wide variety of creative tools are used to engage all their senses and learning abilities. Creative movement stirs their life force, gets them energised and motivated.

The visual arts such as story writing, clay, drawing, painting, drawing, collage allows them to bring their dreams to life.

Drama, theatre sports and storytelling are wonderful ways to boost their confidence as they verbally project and play with being different characters.

All these activities are introduced as delightful inspiration, prompts for them to express their own individual interpretation of them. This gives them the freedom to be themselves.

Fun themes such as "designing yourself as a superhero" ensures these moments are sparkling with enthusiasm.

Magical Storytelling

A workshop that is ideal for Teachers, Early Years Educators, Librarians and Parents.

In this completely interactive adventure you will learn and practise with each other, how to bring stories to life.

You will find out how to move and shape your body and use wondrous voice techniques to make the characters leap right off the page!

Watch how you can keep your audience completely engaged, amused and mesmerised with audience-participation activities, making them part of the story!

Here is a perfect example.

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