Imagineaction specialises in multiple forms of creativity

We run workshops that use body movement and hands on visual creative activities

Imagine. Explore. Express.

We deliver programs that are fun, engaging, completely interactive and filled with skillful, creative variety.

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Art Therapy

Kitsiri is a qualified Transpersonal Art Therapist . He has worked in the field of clinical depression, anxieties, trauma and suicide prevention. His calm, gentle manner and openness enables clients to feel at ease. They are able to open, explore and express themselves knowing they are securely held and in a safe environment. Kitsiri has a gift of using multiple modalities to match the needs of clients, including movement, mask, bodymapping, story writing, drama, clay and painting. Kitsiri specialises in working with groups.

Creative adults

An engaging approach to working with personal issues such as anger release, depression and anxiety, this is an opportunity to explore identity, and nourish the inner child.

Here there is the fun and balance of having both an inner journey of self exploration and discovery of the truth inside to support better life value, as well as feeling light, playful and even silly!

Creative Adult Dance

Children's creativity

Together, lets "dream big", expand our imagination and expand our creativity!

We share a wide variety of creative and playful games designed to engage all of our senses and imagination. Lots of fun, movement and motivation!

Magical Storytelling

An ideal workshop for Teachers, Early Years Educators, Librarians and Parents.

A completely interactive adventure where together we learn and practice the magic and enchantment of story telling. We move and shape our bodies and create wondrous voice techniques that bring characters to life!

arrow left downHighly Experienced Facilitator

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Kitsiri DeSilva

Kitsiri is a qualified Art Transpersonal Art Therapist who has been facilitating creativity processes nationally and internationally for over 20 years. He has inspired hundreds of children, youth and adults through a wide variety of inspiring techniques using creative dance, mask, painting, storytelling, and much much more.

His playful, open and dynamic spirit immediately gifts participants with the ease to express how they really feel and discover the magic that lies within.


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